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The music industry operates at the fringes of many industries - from video games, to sports, advertising, design, film and more!

MxT highlights how music permeates through many facets of our lives, from it’s influence on our behaviour to its use across multiple fields.

The below is by no means an exhaustive list and we invite the leaders from an array of industries to share, explore and encourage interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations to jointly enhance the music industry for the better.

labels & publishers

The music industry is on the cusp of evolution and beatvyne’s MUSICxTECH Experience is at the epicentre of the disruption. While technology is changing the landscape at rapid speed, both Labels and Publishers continue to drive the industry forward.

#MxT2019 merges the established with the radical to inspire new collaborations, ideas and innovation with the aim of building new business models and enhancing the growth of the music industry. Showcase your future scope and highlight your artist roster at #MxT2019.


At MxT we love to jam!

And we welcome artists of all genres to join the party and mingle with the sharpest minds in the business. After all, music is where it all stems from.

Without your creative spark and the songs that define our lives, there would be no music business. So at beatvyne’s MUSICxTECH Experience we make sure to create ways to connect artists with the right people, forge exciting collaborations and explore new technologies to enhance your career.

venues & unique spaces

Ambience, Location and Set Up: The new trinity of the live music experience draws from innovative approaches in architecture, design and engineering. The more secret, unique and outstanding, the better!

From architects, designers, engineers to venue owners/managers and new ‘music spacers’ we invite you to explore the latest cutting-edge innovation and trends in the intersection between technology and human experience.

To show it in action, we invite spaces across Dublin to become a Host for our MxT events.

The music industry is rapidly evolving and technology is the protagonist in this new narrative. As a promoter in this new arena it is imperative to be on the beat with the latest innovations and up to speed on how the industry is transforming.

The MUSICxTECH Experience brings the top minds from across the globe and is a great opportunity to mix it up with the movers and shakers of this dynamic industry to establish new collaborations and exite audiences.