10 Artists To Listen To Over The Weekend

Looks like it’s going to be another great three days, here’s some awesome artists to check out over this weekend.


When they debuted in 1998, Irish band Eden were a fresh foil for the seemingly endless stream of identikit boybands. They featured on RTÉ’s 2fm Beat On The Street tour, and supported Boyzone on their UK and Ireland tour. All the while, they were touring under their own steam across continental Europe. Having moved to Germany to set up a European base, Eden found themselves playing to audiences of 100,000 at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. The ensuing years whizzed by in a blur of major label signing, radio awards, TV shows, pilfered champagne, disgruntled drag queens and, of all things, a nude cruise. Honestly, the tell-all biography will be worth hanging around for!

Not Monsters

Not Monsters is what happens when you smash the melodic experimentalism of CFIT together with the powerhouse riffing of Punch Face Champions. Despite only joining forces a few months ago, this supergroup have already played a number of shows around Ireland, beginning with this year’s Vantastival, and including Canalphonic, State’s Faces of June and Dimestore’s 6th birthday celebration.


Dreaming of Jupiter

Formed in 2015, Dreaming Of Jupiter are a 3 piece band based between Dublin City  & London, whose music is a fusion of ambient and electronic flavours with soulful vocals. The genre of this music – although difficult in some ways to pin down, is an
elegant blend of melodic pop with electronica, and trip hop. The lyrics have been described as deep, thought provoking and visually stimulating.


Dr. Mindflip delivers a hefty dose of what Synthesis Magazine called “avant-pop…with teeth”. Weird, catchy, shape-shifting songs that explore the darker side of our psyche. The live show is a surreal experience: Feast your eyes on fabulous Owly! Feel the fury of The Barren! Marvel at the mystery that is Dollhead!

Three Underneath

Three Underneath were a little surprised to receive such a positive consensus before releasing their first album; but these three Irish men have been building a buzz in Dublin since they started recording last year. Three Underneath are a three-piece post-grunge band based in Dublin, Ireland. Influenced by bands like Kerbdog and Ash, the band have been receiving immensely positive reviews in the run-up to the release of their debut album in September.

Ellen and Carla

Ellen and Carla are a 19 year old singer/songwriting duo from Co. Meath. Ellen O’ Mahony and Carla Ryan started playing together when they were 15 and soon began writing their own songs and performing when they got the chance. They have since released two EPs, ‘Floods’ in 2014 and ‘Wash Over Me’ in 2016. Their song ‘Shield’ was also chosen to be the theme song of the 2014 ‘It’s Your Right’ campaign from the Ombudsman for Children’s Office. Check out their latest wonderful track “I Got Love”.


Young Irish artist from Dublin with a mission and dream to be the master of his art.
Being a creationist and always thinking outside the box is just a regular day experience. Always building and creating a versatile sound and escaping the ideology of a genre based artist, but rather exploring the corners of each sounds of interest and concatenating it to his personal expression.


Kiruu is a multi-instrumentalist and singer of Irish-English origins whose eclectic sound has been formed with influence from his East African upbringing and European roots Ireland/UK/Spain). His music is interactive and his sound varies from slow indie to stomping swing and everything in between, sung in different languages (English, Swahili, Spanish, and French).
Based in Dublin, Kiruu plays both solo set (an intimate sound looping, guitars, piano, and percussion), and also with band consisting of himself dynamic and diverse musicians from the Dublin scene, providing a high energy live show.

Katie Laffan

Funk meets pop, add a dash of reggae, a slice of hip hop/rap and you may be some way to tasting a cocktail that would aptly describe Katie’s style. Dublin native Katie, loves experimenting with music styles to deliver tracks that are both original and fresh from her small bedroom studio. Her Influences are many and very diverse, making her a very exciting and engaging artist. Along with her unique vocals she also plays drums, guitar, ukelele and piano keyboard.


FIELDS is the stage-name of songwriter Sean O’Brien. Having debuted the moniker in early 2015, Sean spent the best part of last year plying his trade between his hometown of Monaghan and Dublin, featuring regularly on the singer-songwriter circuit before recording and releasing the debut FIELDS EP titled ‘In The Morning.’ Following his appearances at high profile showcases such as the Ruby Sessions along with Other Voices and a number of support slots, most recently opening for Ryan Sheridan, FIELDS has returned to the studio to work on the debut album with a number of full-band live performances and festival appearances on the horizon.

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