10 Artists To Listen To Over This Weekend

Let’s hope the good weather keeps up over the weekend! Here’s some HOT artists to listen to during it…

Oliver Cole

In the musically bustling city of Dublin, new singer-songwriters pop up on a daily basis, but few earn any lasting attention. Ollie however has been an exception, gathering momentum steadily since his departure from Turn in 2006. Ollie’s combination of true musicianship and consistently compelling song writing has earned him the respect of fellow artists and the enthusiastic support of audiences wherever he plays.


Andrew James Berry

Andrew James Berry is an 18 year old singer song writer from Wexfod town. He started singing and playing guitar when he was 10 and stared writing when he was 14. This year he will be going to BIMM music college in Dublin to further his songwriting skills. For Andrew “music […] is not a job but a way of life for me, I could never imagine my life without music.”

Mannequin Sex Drive

Mannequin Sex Drive is an electro-acoustic, folk-punk outfit based in Dublin. The band have been incredibly busy forging a reputation as one of the country’s best live acts, having played a whole host of different venues and shows, which include ‘Guinness Amplify’, winning ‘The Northern Lights Band Competition’ and performing at the ‘PureM Magazine Awards’. After first releasing two singles back in May 2014, MSD followed up with three singles over a six month period in 2015, receiving nominations from ‘PureM Magazine’ for ‘Best Single’ and ‘Best Irish Act’. The band are currently in the process of securing more live shows, not only in Dublin but around the country.

Last Second Magic

Last Second Magic were in exile. Having gone through 11 members, 5 gigging lineups, countless gigs, two EPs and two Canadian tours, the time had come for stability. So, the settled foursome of Paul Hosford, Philippa Cahill, Alan Maxwell and Ruth Gill decided to withdraw from the world. The band took to Camelot Studios in Dublin, intent on recording their debut album. The album was designed to capture the sound of a band finally hitting their groove, three years into their life. The result of their work is the sound of a band operating free of pressure, playing instinctively and ready to return from exile.


Lyle Carlos Garces is known by his stage name, LCG. A native of Cebu city, this Filipino has since put down roots in Ireland. Thus, his music persona is that of hip-hop or spoken word artist with crossover appeal in both the West and (Far) East. For Lyle, music is the means by which one examines the important and non-material things in life – this artist wants people to re-focus on the simple, the ordinary, the unique and see what LCG calls the ‘essence of simplicity’.

The Sour Seeds

The Sour Seeds are an alternative band from Dublin Ireland, currently comprised of Sean Lay (guitar), Brian Reynolds (saxophone/guitar), Darragh Cullen (vocals/drums) and Mikey Deasy (bass/vocals). The band has recently released their second EP ‘Always Never’, proceeded by lead single ‘Can’t Bring Me Down’. The Sour Seeds are back in the studio recording their debut album which is expected to be released this summer along with the band’s first Irish tour.

Reuben Keeney

To describe Reuben Keeney as a ‘upcoming star of the dance music scene’ would be nothing short of ignorant. Firmly having earned his position in the house music premier league, Reuben’s rapidly increasing momentum is the product of almost a decade of hard work, somewhat validated by the thousands of fans clambering to show their support of his high energy house sound.

Plastic Candles

Plastic Candles are a rock trio comprising Daniel Devoy (Vocals, Guitar), Jack Carr (Bass) and Harry Carr (drums) who first formed in 2012. Since then the band have packed venues such as Fibber Magees, Sweeney’s, The Sugar Club and Whelan’s, and have recently returned from a 3-day tour of London.


A 4-piece unsigned Indie/Alternative rock band formed in Dublin in August 2011. Their sound boasts catchy vocals over solid guitar riffs and a powerful rhythm section, with captivating drum beats backed by funky basslines. Often compared to bands such as The Macabees and The Cure, Pelicans appeal to listeners of age and youth.


Sun.Set.Ships aim to write and perform honest, uplifting, lyrical music. Their mission is to share our stories and our new found unique sound with all you fellow music lovers.

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