Nowonos New Single

As Sand  Out now

August XII Records are excited to announce their sophomore release with the anticipated return of North-West artist Nowonos. 

Nowonos (pronounced ‘no one knows’) is an Irish electronic music act created by Michael Liston, a musician, vocalist and producer from South Donegal, Ireland. The project began in 2013 as a studio-based ambient/electronic recording experiment which has since evolved into an audio/visual live performance act. The project melds a broad range of musical influences into a singular, psychedelic sound.

‘As Sand’ is written in response to a period of existential anxiety and self-reflection. It is a distillation of the dialogue between the rational and irrational mind during this time. Ultimately, it is a coming to terms with the disorder and absurdity of life, which is reflected in the euphoric ending. Pretty fitting, considering the current COVID-19 outbreak. 

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