Sounds of December

Every month we take a look at some of the great emerging music joining us on beatvyne, as well as some already well known artists and blend them together for your enjoyment!

As it’s December and a little chilly out there, this month’s ‘Sounds of’ will feature all things airy, ambient and of course a little Xmasy!

We hope you like it, and remember if there’s any specific artist or song you would like to see included in next month’s ‘Sounds of’, let us know, or even better, invite them to join beatvyne.

Oh and ICYMI, make sure to check out Ireland’s first ever Music x Tech Experience we’ll be bringing to Dublin Tech Summit next April 2018. We’ll also be taking over the city too, with gigs happening in the most unique and iconic buildings across Dublin. Go explore it all here!



Discover the artists

L.A.Z.Y. by Orchid Collective

Wasted Time by Electric Shore

The Naturist by Ham Sandwich

Falling by Casavettes

On the Surface by Conor Mason

Give Anything by Great White Lies

Colours by Happyalone

Snow by Wyvern Lingo

Lonely Little Christmas by Stephen Brennan

Got You (Acoustic) by Calvin Hynes

Rubble Pie by Ski Bravo

Always You by Jon Dots

Weathervane by Beany

And I Told You Something True by Gadget And The Cloud

Another Day by LastEden

Tin Man by Saint Sister

Gozo by Hvmmingbyrd

Elegy For The Artic by Ludovico Einaudi

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

How Could I Love You? by Daithi Remix

Stitches by Maria Kelly

Drive by Rosa Nutty

Blood Diamonds (feat. Courage) by Aine Cahill


We hope you enjoyed this month’s ‘Sounds of‘. Remember you can also register as a Fan and discover music in cool new music spaces, or sign up as a Host and bring live music into your life! Or sign up as an artist and be part of our next big projects.

Till next time, Happy Xmas.

From all at beatvyne 🙂

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