It’s a new year and new start to our ‘Sounds of’ series. To kick things off, this month will take you on a journey of winter blues fused with some fireside warmth and cosy numbers.

With a mixture of beatvyne artists, up and coming bands and more established ones, we hope you enjoy beatvyne Sounds of January!

If there’s any specific artist or song you would like to see included in next month’s ‘Sounds of’, let us know, or better still, invite them to join beatvyne

In the meantime we’ll be building up to our Music x Tech Experience stage which we’re bringing to Dublin Tech Summit this April 2018. And check out ‘Encore‘ our series of Night events taking over Dublin City.

Now go explore the music and enjoy 🙂


Discover the artists: Song by song!

Hurricane Laughter‘ by Fontaines D.C.

Sinking Islands‘ by Sun.Set.Ships

Skull and crossbones‘ by The Riptide Movement

Black Lodge‘ by Lilac Shadows

Telegraph‘ by Grouse

Cold‘ by Oski Bravo

Tokyo‘ by Hendrick Lane

Too Different‘ by Electric Shore

Arrivals‘ by Oh Bryan

Too young to feel this old‘ by Eve Belle

Mazda‘ by The Clockworks

The habit‘ by Little one

Open spaces‘ by A Great Quiet

Just for a better view‘ by Silverbacks

Plain Static‘ by Molly Sterling

7am‘ by Munky

Nuh fi hurt me‘ by JyellowL

She hated love songs‘ by Elkin

Am I alone‘ by Sylk

Towels‘ by For Foresters 

I was an astronaut‘ by Brand New Friend

Berserk‘ by Gemma Bradley

He Said / She Said‘ by Future Stops

Misfit Hour‘ by Tanjier

Eyes of love‘ by Akora

Walk Away‘ by Lowlight Gathering

Got a secret‘ by Young Earth

People like us‘ by Susi Blue

Constellations‘ by Painted Skies


We hope you enjoyed this month’s ‘Sounds of‘. Remember you can also register as a Fan and discover music in cool new music spaces, or sign up as a Host and bring live music into your life! Or sign up as an artist and be part of our next big projects.

P.S. we hope you liked the image used for this months ‘Sounds of’, courtesy of Kirill Vorontsov  

Till next time!

The beatvyne crew 🙂

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