Let’s get festive with a mix of some of the best new music in Ireland that St. Patrick himself would have digged! We couldn’t find any songs about snakes but believe us these tracks will wrap their way round your ear and befriend your sound buds!

Get ready for an eclectic feast of genres that highlights the varied soundscape we’re enjoying here on the green isle of late. From hip hop scratch DJ and MPC beat-makers, Kormac to Disco groovers, Too Fools, it is indeed a new golden age of music in Ireland.

Now turn it up and dance like St. Paddy, cause we’re Irish and we’re proud!



Explore the artists, song by song;

1. ‘Wash My Hands’ by Kormac

2. ‘Love’s On Top’ by Daithi Feat: Sinead White

3. ‘Lazy’ by Orchid Collective 

4. ‘Sinking Islands’ by Sun.Set.Ships

5. ‘The Friary’ by David Keenan

6. ‘On The Surface’ by Conor Mason

7. ‘All I’m Fighting For’ by JaXon

8. ‘What We Do’ by Le Boom

9. ‘Humanize’ by Le Galaxie

10. ‘Bad Boys’ by Paddy Hanna

11. ‘Enniscrone’ by Elaine Mai

12. ‘Liberty Belle’ by Fontaines D.C.

13. ‘In E’ by Dowry

14. ‘You’ by Laoise

15. ‘Touch’ by TooFools

16. ‘Red Lights’ by Exiles

17. ‘Of Heart’ – Radio Edit- by Bitch Falcon

Hope you enjoy the listen. And to all those who’s coming to our MUSICxTECH Experience at Dublin Tech Summit, we’ll see you there. To all those that aren’t coming, you still can – find out all about it and get your ticket here! And stay tuned, we’ll have some serious discounts on the way! Yep, cause that’s how we roll 🙂

from the beatvyne crew!

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