Yup, Summer is here, festival season is here! And we’re getting very excited!

Here are some of the sounds we feel best captures May. You’ll find some of the coolest new music on beatvyne, artists gracing some of the festival stages, and, well, just other sounds we love!

Turn it up and feel the beat 😊

Hope you enjoy the listen!

If there are any particular artists you’d like to see on beatvyne’s ‘Sounds of’ let us know, or invite them to join the beat here and we’ll make sure to feature them next time round.

You can join as a fan and get to discover the best new music in the most unique spaces or turn your space (whether it’s your living room, studio or house boat) into a new music venue and bring live music into your life. Find out all about it here.

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Till next time,

The beatvyne crew 🙂

Photo by Isabel Thomas

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